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I started working as a GP for District 36 in Pécs in 2002. I also take part in graduate and postgraduate education at the Department of Primary Health Care of the University of Pécs. In the field of diabetology, I obtained a licence examination in 2018.

My highly qualified assistant, Tóth Márta plays an important role in my work.

Health awareness, screening tests and health improvement programs are significant elements of my everyday work. In the promise of a successful collaboration, I would kindly like to offer you my health care services.

You can send the medications you would like to have prescribed via e-mail and we get them prescribed in 3 days.

Laboratory reports are sent from this e-mail address without assessment for patients requiring it. This e‑mail service is not automated, consulting about the reports is supposed to be in person.

Deputy GP: dr. Decsi Enikő, Szántó Kovács János street 2/B, Pécs, phone number: 72/252-334, dr. Jóbi Anikó, Endresz György 19., Pécs, phone number72/551-164

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Prevention Order Description:
Purpose: to design personalized care
At Prevention Orders, the GP is aware of the risk factors and possible medical conditions associated with the lifestyle of the patients in his or her practice, and is aware of these to help patients receive appropriate further care.
As a decision support tool, the GP relies on pre-evaluated results from the Health Check

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