About cookies

About cookies

What is that cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is placed on your computer when you visit a site. Cookies have countless features. Among other things, they collect information, note the visitor's custom settings, when using online shopping carts, and generally make it easier for users to use the website.

What kind of cookies does poppk.hu use and what is it for?

www.poppk.hu uses cookies for the following purposes:

· Collecting information about how you use the website - by tracking which parts of your site you visit or use most to find out how to provide you with a better user experience when you visit our site again,

· Developing our website,

· Facilitate your navigation on our website and its features, ensuring a smooth user experience,

· Placement of targeted ads on other websites.

Absolutely necessary, session sessions are cookies

These cookies are needed to allow users to browse our site, use it as a feature, for example. including commenting on operations on your pages during a visit. The validity period of these cookies only applies to your current visit, after the end of the session or closing the browser, this type of cookies will be automatically deleted from your computer.

Keep in mind that without using these cookies, we can not guarantee you the use of our website.

Use Cooking Cookies

These provide us with the opportunity to keep in mind the choices we make on our site, or whether you are visiting our site for traditional or blind and visually impaired people.

Powerful cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies to collect information about how our visitors use our website. These cookies can not personally identify you (the part of the currently used IP is only partially captured), collecting information such as which page the user visited, the number of pages he visited, how long the session time was viewed, the possible error messages - all for the purpose of improving our website and improving the experience for users.

How to check and how to turn cookies off?

All modern browsers allow you to change cookie settings. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but they can usually be changed to prevent automatic acceptance and offer you the option to choose whether or not to allow cookies.

Please note that since the purpose of cookies is to facilitate or enable the usability and process of our website, preventing or deleting cookies may result in our users being unable to fully utilize the functionality of our website and that the webpage will work differently than planned in your browser.