Dr. Andrea Kis

Dr. Andrea KisGeneral Practitioner

Contact information

Doctor's office: 72/440-671Adress: 7632 Pécs, Csontváry u. 6/1.not available


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00 - 12:00
  • Tuesday, Thursday: 12:00 - 4:00 pm
  • Preventive order: Monday 3pm to 5pm by appointment

Dr. Andrea Kis

1989-1995: University of Pécs Medical School

1995: MD

2001: licence examination

2004: general practitioner specialisation

Academic work

Institute of Pathophysiology (University of Pécs Medical School): experimental work, working in graduate education (supervisor: prof. dr. Székely Miklós)

Laboratory of Genetics at the Department of Paediatrics: experimental work in the field of molecular biology, screening the whole Hungarian population suffering from galactosemia for the two most frequent mutations in 1997 (supervisor: prof. dr. Melegh Béla)

Resident qualification at University of Pécs Medical School (1999-2001)

holding a GP praxis, District 57. for adult patients, Pécs (2001-)

Department of Primary Health Care (University of Pécs Medical School), tutorial activity in gradual and postgradual education (2010-)

MEDMAX: member of a software development team (2008-)

TÁMOP-6.2.5-B/1-2014-0001 “Development of the efficiency of constitutions in the health care system” -professional manager consultant (professional advice, GP) (2015)

TÁMOP-6.2.5.-B. large-scale study (health experience, life style, harmful addictions, disease prevention survey) (2015)

EFOP- Development of primary and national health care, elaboration and launching of Praxis Community of Pécs (2016-)

Project entitled “Complex public health screenings”, registry number EFOP-1.8.1-VEKOP-15-2016-00001

Dr. Andrea Kis

About the praxis

GP praxis for adult patients

Number of registered patients: 1580 (November 2018)

Daily average number of the patients: 40-60

Infrastructure: Erodium, cardiogram, trans telephonic cardiogram- 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, Mini Doppler, blood sugar estimation, urinalysis, diapason

Working hours:

Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 8.00-12.00

Tuesday-Thursday: 12.00-16.00

Making appointments are required in the praxis. Patients can arrange an appointment on the internet, on the phone or by using their Erodium card. The appointments follow each other in every 15 minutes.

Besides daily medical attendance we also focus on screening tests.

Schedule a preventive order:


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