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Pecs-Ormansag Prevention Praxis Community (POPPC, Pécs-Ormánsági Prevenciós Praxisközösség) was established by the collaboration of seven GPs in the cities of Pécs and Vajszló.

The maintenance of health and the prevention of diseases have always been one of the main goals of mankind. Infectious diseases have been the major risk factors for us for centuries. Public health achieved significant success in fighting against epidemics caused by infectious diseases in the 20th century.
Nowadays, health care prevention involves the prevention of chronic diseases and their complications.
POPPC aims to survey the patients’ health conditions and their main risk factors by primary screening tests. We provide counselling to improve healthy life style and dietary habits (dietitians, physiotherapists, health promoters, psychologists and physical training programs).
We aim to screen and treat diabetes and its complications affecting more and more individuals, we especially try to focus on “diabetic leg”, which is the most common trigger for the amputations of non-traumatic extremities in Hungary.
Furthermore, organizing quit-smoking programs, surveying pulmonary cancer, which is one of the most malignant tumours (with LungScreen application) and also early screening patients with high risk factors belong to our main prevention activities.

We also institute programs to detect and treat alcoholism and other addictions in time by involving an addictologist.

Moreover, our program aims to screen and treat dementia affecting mainly the elderly.

The incidence of tumorous diseases and the number of deaths resulting from tumorous diseases have been increasing worldwide. They are the second most frequent causes of death following the heart and circulatory diseases. Approximately 50% of tumorous diseases can be prevented either by alternating the risk factors responsible for the development of the disease or by treating pre-cancerous conditions revealed by the screening programs. We target to establish special screening programs to diagnose these pre-cancerous conditions. We organize or join to special venues promoting healthy way of life, diet and daily exercises by which we provide opportunity to assess and counsel on individuals’ health conditions and risk factors. We invite our patients to join our programs, where they can participate in complex health assessment surveys performed by public health specialists. The patients are requested to fill in specific questionnaires which are assessed.

Based on the results we analyse the risk factors.

The above special services are free of charge, they aim to improve patients’ health conditions. These screening programs may assist the early detection of diseases.

Successes, awards, achievements

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