Mrs. Merkl Dr. Klára Nemeskéri

Dr. Klára NemeskériGeneral practitioner

Contact information

Doctor's office: 72/415-336Adress: 7632 Pécs, Krisztina tér


  • monday, wed 8.00-12-00, tuesday: 12.00-16-00, thursday 13.00-17.00, friday: evenings Sept. 1-1 years: 11.00-15.00 / odd years Sept. 1 to 8.00-12.00
  • Preventive order: Thursday 5pm to 7pm by prior appointment

Dr. Klára Nemeskéri

I started working as a GP for District 6. in Pécs in 2008. I also take part in graduate education at the Department of Primary Health Care of the University of Pécs.

I acquired my occupational medicine specialisation in 2017 and I also obtained the diabetology licence examination in 2018.

My highly qualified assistant, Andainé Szokol Andrea plays an important role in my work.

Health awareness, screening tests and health improvement programs are significant elements of my everyday work. In the promise of a successful collaboration, I would kindly like to offer you my health care services.

Dr. Klára Nemeskéri

Consulting room: 18. Krisztina square, Pécs, H-7635

E-mail address:

Laboratory reports can be sent for patient requires. (Patients can even give their e-mail addresses at the laboratory.) However, consulting about the reports should be in person.

Deputy GP: dr. Gulyás Erzsébet, dr. Nagy Jenő (on Wednesdays)

Working hours: Monday: 7-11, Tuesday: 12-16, Wednesday: 7-11, Thursday: 12-16, Friday: 12-16

Phone number: 72/443-523

Schedule a preventive order:


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