Dr. Attila Trábert psychiatrist, addictologist specialist

dr. Attila Trábert Psychiatrist, addictologist specialist

Contact information

72/537-375Pécs, Berze Nagy János u. 7

Dr. Attila Trábert

I try to help you if:


you struggle with alcohol, drugs or other behavioural addiction (internet, sex, game, etc.),

one of your relatives uses drugs regularly and cannot find the solution,

you were grown up in a family of addiction problems and suffer from psychic problems.

Dr. Attila Trábert

The therapy starts with assessing the client’s current condition during which we try to detect the possible problems and the optional solutions. We intend to elaborate an individual therapy for everyone. As part of the therapy, I also involve the relatives as much as possible because their help and support are important regarding recovery.

Each session lasts 45 mins.

 Address: 7. János Nagy Berze street, Pécs

 Making an appointment is necessary: 72/ 537-375


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