Orsolya Kása dietitian

Orsolya Kása Dietitian

Contact information

Office: Pécs, Sellye


  • Appointments are made through your doctor
  • First time approx. 60 minutes (varies per person)
  • Control (depending on how much to do) about 30 minutes.

Orsolya Kása

I graduated from the University of Pécs Medical School in 2014, then acquired a Nutritionist (Msc) degree in 2016. I have been working as a dietitian for EEI in Pécs, where nutrition therapy is of utmost importance (e.g. to treat obesity, malnutrition, diabetes, food allergies, intolerances, gastrointestinal disease; reflux, peptic ulcer, Crohn disease, constipation etc.) In addition, I try to help those who would like to pay attention to their diet.

Orsolya Kása

Address: Pécs, Sellye


individual dietetic counselling (diet, recipes, certified sources on the internet, nutrient calculator),

determining body composition (concluding: body fat%, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, weight, BMI), determining basal metabolic rate (BMR), analysing diet diaries


The counsellings start with taking nutritional past medical history (nutrition, present eating habits), then I assess the patient’s condition (weight, body composition, abdominal circumference, etc.). If the patient brings their diet diary, I analyse it and we discuss it together. The next step is the individual counselling and responding to the questions occurred. I always give them written information leaflets. We also discuss the period of the controls, when the most important aim is to maintain their motivation.


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