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Physiotherapy is an individual exercise therapy regarding patients’ health conditions.

Its main aim is to correct the disordered functions and improve the movement ability and self-sufficiency. We have to emphasize that physiotherapy does not only pay attention to cure the impairments, but also focuses on their prevention.


  • treatment of injuries and fractures
  • recovery of functional disorders caused by degenerative diseases
  • correcting muscle disbalance
  • pain reduction
  • improving self-sufficiency
  • improving quality of life
  • prevention

 When physiotherapy is needed?

  • regaining locomotor functions following injuries (ligament rupture, fracture)
  • managing the degenerative diseases (joint abrasion)
  • reducing pain (spine complaints)
  • maintaining muscle functions (desk-bound jobs)
  • deformities (knock-knee, scoliosis, flat feet)
  • recovering muscle balance
  • gynaecological problems (incontinence)

 It is extremely important to emphasise that physiotherapy should be applied not only to treat the present symptoms but also it plays a crucial role in prevention (right posture, spine protection).


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