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I graduated as a dietitian from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pécs. In 2012 I qualified as an epidemiologist. I gained my first experiences at M-Profood Zrt., then at HunGast Délmagyarország Kft., later at the Harkány Medicinal Spa Hospital and finally I was employed as a head-nutritionist, a dietitian in Pellérd. I have had a 5-year experience and I have been teaching for 4 years at the Pécs University Medical School (spring semester: a 1 credit course entitled the health care effects of alternative nutrition, both in the English and in the Hungarian programs).

Praxis: POPPC- at dr. Kovács Brigitta’s praxis (Endresz György street, Pécs), at dr. Kis Andrea’s praxis (6. Csontvári street), at dr. Bányai Mónika’s praxis (6. Csontvári street), at dr. Nemeskéri Klára’s praxis (6. Csontvári street), in the future at dr. Springó Zsolt-Sellye Health Care Centre

Address: Pécs, Sellye, Vajszló(?)


A whole-scale dietitian counselling, including general health condition assessment (body weight, height, Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Metabolic Rate (BMR), proper body weight determination, individual diet preparation (energy, protein, fat, CH calculation), diet proposal, raw material selection as well as kitchen technology, recommended literature, relevant websites and up-to-date food introduction). In addition, I offer courses 4 times a week for groups of patients (e.g. presentations for diabetics).

In the case of a new patient, one session usually lasts for 75 mins, while having a regular patient it takes only 60 mins. Each client appears three times at the consultation but if I consider follow-up necessary, they come to see me four or five occasions. The presentations and counsellings for groups last for 90 mins, four occasions should be performed per group.

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